About Me

Two thousand one
I was going through
Young & unsure
Not knowing what to do
School, family, relationships
With a child in my womb
Happy then sad
Upset then glad
Trying to figure out life
While life was making me live
Going through ups and downs
Trying to find ways
To turn it all around
Then I pick up a composition notebook
Writing whatever came to mind
Just to find myself
Writing all the time
Writing gave me peace
Trying to find my purpose
Writing gave me a voice
When my words were unheard of
Writing my thoughts
Explained so much
Expressing my feelings
Was the loving touch
My relationship with my pen & paper
Was poetic poetry
It was the love letter
I dedicated to women like me
Sincerely e·mo·tion·al
Honest, Pure & True
Sincerely e·mo·tion·al
The strength to push through
Joy Janay